How much time have you wasted and how much stress have you felt looking for a place to park your car?

UX, Product Design, Entrepreneurship
ParkinOut is a collaborative platform for sharing parking spots on streets, avenues and other public spaces. It aims to solve a recurring problem of urban mobility, which is not exclusive from big cities: the waste of time looking for a spot.
Logo conception.
The logo was redesigned to be more symmetrical, with a symbol drawn in golden ratio and a lighter typography.
Logo design.
Business cards.
Researchers prove that using a smartphone dramatically increases the risk of traffic accidents, besides that its usage is prohibited while driving. Therefore, the experience was designed so that the user - preferably a driver's companion - could use the app with at most two taps on the screen.
Main screen showing other users parked in public spots.
The objective is to minimize the diversion of selective attention, so that the user can remain focused on the traffic. The minimalist user interface with vibrant colors is essential in this experience.
A paid offer received by the user parked with live tracking and contact information.
How it works? An user A requests a spot by tapping the '+' blue float button on the main screen. A user B, parked in a public spot, receives a notification and accepts it. So, ParkinOut shows the route to both users and track it in real time. When it is finished, ParkinOut changes the owner of the spot.
User profile section with personal  and payment information.
The app's auto-responses are associated with color patterns that make easier to identify the content of the message by peripheral vision.
Auto-response screens and timer.
Payment screen and sign in/sign up.
Designed for Novos Fundadores.


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